Call for Papers/ Articles

“Business and Economic Post” invites feature writers, students, teachers, business professionals, professional contributors and policy makers to contribute to the ‘Business and Economic Post’. A minimum 1,000 words of white papers including data and tables are encouraged to publish with us. Writers are encouraged to contribute the articles and white papers with the interaction of academic stand point and easy understanding of business and economic policy.

We are also encouraged to publish the academic research synopsis, findings of research and Internship is a short form. A policy analysis with the interaction of theory and practical knowledge are the key to publish in “Business and Economic Post”.

At present, we are prepared to publish in electronic print form in the site of “Business and Economic Post”. But we will accommodate these electronic print publications in a paper print format after reviewing some the best original papers and articles published in our site.

All print and publication are free of cost including reviewing. But we will charge a minimum fee for the beginners who will trained by us to comply our standard of post publication.

Please send your papers/articles to the under mentioned address:

Dr. Sikder Md. Anowarul Islam


Hand Set: 8801914210401


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