Why Inefficient Government Need NGO for Sustainable Economic Development?

Dr. Sikder Md. Anowarul Islam

July 02, 2014

(Published in LinkedIn)

There are inverse relationship between the efficient Government and the activities of NGO’s to the process of economic development. Responsibility of an efficient government is to explore development activities without the resource and support of the other Non Government stakes. NGO is defined in developing countries as a development partner of the respective Government. Unfortunately, most of these development organizations are funding by the overseas social and development agencies, those who have their own mission and vision to the development process in the respective developing country. The Government of a developing country has been suffering for the lack of efficient human resource and accordingly facing a pressure group of political and civil societies those who have supported them to bring them into the power politics. It is very danger when they place their inefficient political flowers to the process of Government management and development activities.

Recently, the banking sector of Bangladesh incurred into a corruption process of 500 million US dollars due to inefficiency of the so called political management of the banking sector. Some of these civil societies are the associate partner of the development agencies to support their development activities in the respective countries. There are few government high officials found that they have been trained by the overseas partners countries as a tools of economic cooperation, but others are less efficient to comply the requirements of the government activities. The developing countries are in the vicious circle of so called bureaucratic system. These bureaucracy have no innovative capacity except to run the administration in a so called as usual given model. When the politics mismatched all the legal and political procedure for their power interest and try to avoid the democratic system to the development process, all the mercenaries of the government fail to accommodate the necessary requirements of the social activities.

As a result, the government system has been organized by the inside given intervened system, with the procedures of unlimited corruptions, and accordingly incurring the economic distortions to the process of economic development activities. In these adverse circumstances, there are no alternatives to grow a developing country without the support of the development partners in the form of NGO activities. When NGO became powerful in a society for the successful development activities in all sort of arena, then the inefficiency of a government reflects the adverse impact in the public choice, and accordingly they try to find the way out of that inefficient process to form an efficient government by the efficient voting power. But it is difficult to run NGO and government activities efficiently and parallel to the development process in the developing countries except practice of absolute democracy and majority voting power.


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