Triangle of Stable Enlighten Government (SEG)-Developing Style!

Dr. Sikder Md. Anowarul Islam

September 22, 2014

(Published in LinkedIn)

We are now at the age of social instability, corruption and capital flight through the process of so called Innocent Political Management (IPM). It is drastically happening in the name of so called Democratic Non Participatory Innocent Government (DNPIG). When the government is sleeping with all source of distortions, we may call them so called innocent (IPM), because domestic political power is grabbed by the power source with a view to make free the evil power of distortion to stable them (IPM). So called IPM is found in the developing countries. They are very much eager to make international cooperation to stable the lower parts of the tringle, say political stability and steady state growth. International source is very powerful since they are supplying the policy and strategy, as well as investment for infrastructure, business and political stability.

Is it always true that the majority rule in the name of democracy is produce stable government? May be or may not! If the absolute autocracy of power politics can stable the domestic counter, a country may progress by the source of international economic and political cooperation. But the danger is awaiting when the domestic power transformation is not happening with the majority voting power!Political distortions may stimulate corruptions, and that corruptions enhance evil distortions both home and abroad, especially spillover through the neighbor countries to international community.

In every year, in the name of so called Innocent Political Management (IPM), capital flight is increasing from the developing countries. Recently, we found US$ 4’487 Millions (Approx.) are mismatched by the commercial banks from Bangladesh which are yet identified the purpose of distortions! The latest situation is rather crucial than the data of 2007. It is observed that the category of capital flight from the developing countries i.e (Illegal commercial capital flight (64%), International crime (30%), Corruption (3-5%) source: global financial integrity, 2007.)

It is not true for global peace all the times, that how much we are progressing by the steady stale economic growth, as well as by international cooperation; It is the reality that we have to face the so called Innocent Political Management (IPG), with the Source of Stable Enlighten Government (SEG), that are severe to prevent the domestic distortions and illegal capital flight for both home and abroad.


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