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(Business and Economic Policy Update of Academy and Public Management: Our mission and vision is to achieve highest level of Knowledge driven economy with the interaction of developing and industrialized countries)

‘Business and Economic Post’ is developed to analyze business and economic policy issues for the development of academic research and accordingly supports government policy. There are various innovative issues rising in the process of academic development with the interaction of academician and their stakeholders. Research and Development is a continuous process and accordingly involve huge budget and resource personnel. In a developing country, academicians are innovative and hardworking but less fortunate to accommodate their valuable resource for research and development due to low-budget constraint.

Academic progress is depending on the process of long-term research and development. At the same time, a country can’t progress without the effective business and economic policy for the interest of it’s own business and economic environment. Efficient research and development supports the policy matters.

There are various limitations to go through innovative research process without the interaction of developing and industrialized countries. But we can accommodate the global new knowledge and their recent development with a view to raising innovative and effective business and economic policy issues for the necessity of academic development and accordingly the changing environment of government activities and policy.This post is organized to publish recent issues with a conclusive editorial view-point to promote the needs of academy and policy matters of business, economy and public management.

A joint research initiative to cater the above requirements is also appreciated from the global donors, individuals and business stakeholders.We will accept research grant, scholarships, commercial dealings and individual donations to promote educational development, training and resource empowerment for private sector educational development. All of these activities will be organized with the agreed negotiation and deal to deal basis. Finally, the findings will be published in ‘Business and Economic Post’ for easy understanding to business and economic  policy – with the process of academic and educational development especially in the developing countries.

Author, organizer of the B&EP Project: 

sikderDr. Sikder Md. Anowarul Islam is now engaged with Primeasia University, Department of Business Administration, School of Business in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied at OSIPP, Osaka University in MS Program and Kobe University in Japan as a Ph.D. researcher and accordingly completed his duration of degree programs in international public policy and economics. Before joining at Osaka and Kobe, he studied business studies at Dhaka University, Bangladesh in the major arena of Marketing and accordingly obtained B.Com (Honors), M.Com Marketing degree. Instead of all above, he has also obtained Doctor of Arts (Ph.D.), Economics and Finance, from USA. 

Dr. Sikder has more than 16 years of teaching and research experience and 5 years as corporate official. He has been holding chairs as Director as well as head of the departments of business administration in different private universities. He has vast experience to manage different integrated department of private universities as well as taking challenge to grow private universities in terms of quality education and revenue maximization. As a faculty, he has substantial strength on Economics, Marketing and Finance subjects. 

He preferred to teach Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Project Management, Public Economics and Public Finance, Corporate Finance, Micro Finance, Entrepreneurship Development, Growth Theories and Income Distribution. He also preferred to make research with the combination of varies fields in an integrated approach. 

Since combining various fields to integrate a new knowledge is challenging and very complicated to flow the flavor to others, but Dr. Sikder preferred to take these challenges and invite the world professionals to exchange with him. Dr. Sikder preferred to organize research on public policy, policy issues on business and economics and accordingly contributing white papers in national dailies and weeklies as well as academic Journals.

 Privacy Policy

“Business and Economic Post” is committed to protect all stakeholders’ privacy policy.

Copy Right: This site is protected by the copy right act. Any articles posted in the site are protected by the copy right act. You may use this for development of academic,business and government policy purpose. Please refer as reference if you use the site information to reproduced for any article, academic paper, or and any other published form either by electronic or print form.

Commercial Advertisements: We will accept commercial advertisements with mutually agreed terms and conditions:as we offer,agreed,source or apply for the specific purpose of commercial advertisements.

Revise or revisions: We may revise or made revision our published post for further development and accordingly use it any form when applicable. We may also revise or delete any post after providing any advertisements on it without any further notice to the beneficiary. But we will replace the same advertisements to another post.We only accept commercial dealings only to support our research and development.

Site Status: This site is not prepared by the articulated process and accordingly under development.All activities of “Business and Economic Post” are volunteered by personal initiatives, so far. We are working for fund raising to maintain the site more effective and efficient way with secured domain.We need cooperation projects for fund raising from home and abroad to penetrate the above concept for the betterment of the international community and our society to trenchant development goals and activities.

Remarks: An international “Advisory Board” is under construction. We will appreciate and be delighted to include international experts, business leaders and renowned professors to join with our team to expedite our mission and vision with a view to promote philanthropic social business, explore research, training and development in education sector.If any distinguished person interested with us as mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact with us. 

Corresponding: Dr. Sikder Md. Anowarul Islam,E-Mail: sikder08@outlook.com, anowarulislam08@gmail.com, Hand Set: +8801914210401 


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