Urbanization and Development of Business Potentials in Capital City, Dhaka

August 21,2015

Dr. Sikder Md. Anowarul Islam

Economic success is depending on the leadership quality. A mission oriented leader need to focus the priority of development and boost the sectors of one after another. Urbanization and distribution of functional income is necessary for improvement of quality of education, life style and reducing dependability on major regional or metropolitan areas.

Why urbanization is important for economic growth and infrastructure development in a country:

Urbanization increases the quality of life by increasing the urban facilities. Urban infrastructure development mobilizes the capital flow and labour movement from rural areas to urban areas. Increase the economic exchange and facility of large market place. The economic strength in Dhaka city is larger than Thailand and Hong Kong. But we are less facilitated by the low level infrastructure and tempted by traffic congestions.

Earning income is not the only source of people’s choice. They need infrastructure for better education, housing facilities, cultural, social and professional club, recreation center, super market and efficient transportation system etc.

It is unfortunate that Government of Bangladesh could not still focus the priority of urbanization. Dhaka is a good capital city to live with growing modern facilities. But garbage to move from one place to another due to inefficient communication infrastructure and heavy traffic congestion. Urban planning is still trial and error system. Some infrastructures on housing development are initiated by the private sectors which is very lengthy and clumsy.Government also moving the same direction.

It is very unfortunate that private sector can go fast but the facilities of bureaucracy are still under going on traditional process. Digitalization may improve this situation to go fast, and accordingly we need efficient human resource to mobilize government sector. But the initiative of digitalization is going slowly so far.

Combining human resources both private and public sector model is still under research process. We don’t have any efficient model to make inclusion in government bureaucracy with highly professional human resources produced by private sectors, international agencies and organizations in a formulated extent. Global bureaucracy is not always market oriented. Political inefficiency may drop the service of bureaucracy below the market level.

A big push is necessary when a country moving towards from low middle income countries to high income countries. Urbanization is one of the process to take a big push to increase the flow of goods and services both in urban and rural areas, as well as infrastructure development is the core source of urbanization and rapid development in economic activities.

How do we make a big push- when movement of unban facilities are collapsed by the traffic inefficiency, or lack of knowledge to handle the same by existing infrastructure of traffic system.

(Revised version published in Facebook Page in ‘Business and Economic Post’ on August 20,2015)


One thought on “Urbanization and Development of Business Potentials in Capital City, Dhaka

  1. This is obviously a burning issue, as a very limited people feel but the urban planners & decision makers should understand the realily of peoples’ taste changing situation, necessity of true urbanization and should act accordingly. Otherwise the peoples will not survive & find better living place in near future.

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